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there are times i wonder why and how I came into being. Wondering why my soul made way into the bodily form of a human being on this planet. While I’m living, i wonder about the other souls that exist here, the vast universe in which we live, outer universes, galaxies, life forms and the possibility of life after leaving this place. All of a sudden, I feel small, I feel insignificant, I lose my identity.

stempunk_death_clock_by_stretchnutz-d4v04m6The fear of leaving Earth is not brought up by the curiosity of where you are going, nor its environment. The fear of dying is usually catapulted through loss of the element of time.


Unlike other factors of this world, your soul is not bound by time. In this world, every aspect of your life is bound by time. simply because the human body grows, matures and decays. However, because our minds awake only when we are here, the concept of ‘forever’ is not easy to fully digest. The simple belief that wherever you are going, you will be there forever.


On a personal level, when I think of heading to a world (I have always considered the after life being in another part of the universe) my biggest fear in not in where i will be, but if I will be with my soul-mate.  For another being to make you feel complete is a powerfully encompassing feeling. Personally, losing such a feeling with no hope nor promise of re-connection in any phase of soul dimensions is a thought that overwhelms me with loneliness and fear.

Such thoughts lead me to this realization; the positive people around me, around us, are exactly like the parts of a clock. Each and every one has their own role. Some as numbers, me and my soul mate being a pair of hands, and all go through a cycle in life. All these parts on a clock make me see how we are all significant in our lives, as we need to leave a mark before our after our prime. We should smile, grow, laugh, be whole. Creating a legacy no matter what the size. Developing our own identity. Factually, we are vast in populous, and so many souls become a drop in the ocean. However, that very drop that is your soul creates a ripple effect on the entire ocean