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You first, the world later – life’s flawed model

An opinion piece by Kevin Mofokeng

The first time I boarded a plane I listened carefully to the safety instructions. I could not hear everything that was said but I heard something along the lines of “Should there be a sudden change in cabin pressure, the oxygen mask will drop in front of you. Put it on yourself first and then help others.” At first this didn’t sound right, but as the words kept ringing in my head, it sounded more and more terribly selfish.

You see, I’ve always been taught that I must consider other people’s needs before my own. This is the value of servant leadership; an approach leading people by serving them instead of having people serve a leader. Given the length of my journey, I had enough time to think about these safety instructions and I remembered a life changing principle that many live by: you cannot give what you do not have. In this case of the airplane scenario, how can you help others when you’re suffocating?

A friend has taught me that to be of greater value to others, you should first know the value you possess. In order to attract the perfect relationship with somebody else, you should have a perfect relationship with yourself.

Having unmarred this theory, I’ve come to realize that if I make decisions that are best for myself, they ultimately become best for my relationship. This ripples into me realizing that in order to give more, I have to be more – which enhances honesty in who I want to become; what I want and need in my personal life.

Your purpose is your throne. When you serve your purpose in, you will feel like a king or a queen. You can never be a king or queen seated on somebody else’s throne. Its only when you’re on your very own throne that you can truly be useful to others. If you currently feel as if your in someone else’s throne, then ask yourself – who are you becoming? Are you happy at the place you are as a carbon copy of someone else?

arms-blue-hair-hands-holding-hands-Favim.com-426653Your ability to fully serve others heightens through self fulfillment. When you do work that is worthy of fulfilling your desires, your work becomes a choice and not an obligation, a delight and not a burden.

Progress in life begins with having the courage to be the best version of yourself – finding inner happiness and in turn spreading positivity across all sectors of your environment. Strive to be yourself and in time the universe will celebrate your being.

Therefore, find the balance between serving others and taking care of yourself. Find time to recover and to refuel. Fill your cup with love and it will overflow onto others. This world is just waiting to celebrate you, salute your being – so be at your best and refute this flawed model. Help those with what you can, when you can, tailor make life’s flawed model to make you the ruler of your own life.

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