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Positively Bea: The Power of Powerless behavior

With the year 2015 almost nigh, I evaluated into my life’s journey path this year. Taking bold moves, and drifting through life unsure of where my path is going, I have realized that the drifts that I took were due to giving my power to people’s ideas of where I should be. I gave my power to money, making lavish purchases believing that it shows a product of my hard work. factors outside of me and not my internal being became the determinants of my destiny.
The more I gave away my power, the emptier and heavier my heart and body felt. The heavier and emptier I became, the more my materials increased, the higher the expectation of a fictitious image came into physical form. My heart couldn’t handle another beat of this feeling, so I urged myself to take a hard look at my life and seek what is missing. It was my power. I lost my power.
power_quote_motivational_wallpaper-1024x768Power, defined by Oxford, is the ability or opportunity to do something. This simple definition speaks volumes. The operative words in the sentence ‘ do something’ enlightened me. I have given my ability to do something, to take an opportunity and make ‘something’ out of it. I mentally convinced myself that I am nothing without the approval of the image made for me, the façade of what I should be.
I realized that I mentally stunted my ability to do something, and be great. I became a self hater, my own worst enemy. This has me thinking that I cannot be the only who does this to themselves. Its something that a great number of us in this world go through. We give away so much of our power to people who we think will build us, to a point where we feel stunted without their approval.
The underlying truth of the matter is that, the power we have given was not coerced. We chose to give it away in return for something greater, while we like our own self investment. The best practice should be to work with someone, while investing in yourself. You are a powerful being as you are, don’t give away power, rather allow the power within yourself to join forces with mentors, employers, friends or family who can build you. The power within you will allow you do develop a positive inner voice that can build you just as the external voices are building you. You alone can make or break you, so be the beautiful powerful version of yourself and not the mentally stunted version of who you shouldn’t be.

Peace and love,
Positively Bea