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Positively Bea: WHY me? vs. why ME?

“Instead of wondering WHY this has happened to you, consider why this has happened to YOU” – Dalai Lama

Isn’t it interesting; whenever we fly in the face of bad situations we constantly ask ourselves ‘why me?’ on the other hand, when we encounter the pot of gold our self-imposed question turns into the statement ‘blessed me’.

Personally, I have come to appreciate the way the universe works. The universe neither curses nor blesses you, but enables a journey that creates an ability for you to build your own character. I realized a trend in my personal life; usually, I will face the same challenge due to two main factors – either I have yet to learn the role I play in why I keep facing the same problem, or I have yet to view the challenge as an opportunity for growth. Does this resonate with you? Do you find yourself in situations with others where it feels like déjà vu, just with a different cast?

enlightenment-A few weeks ago, a friend of mine was let down by an associate on a business matter. He immediately highlighted that being let down by people is the constant occurrence in his 2014 year. He kept asking, why me? but did he need to know that answer? The answer isn’t within the ‘why’ but within what it is about him that leads to being constantly let down.

When he realized that he was doubtful of his personal capabilities which in turn, leads to others lacking the ability to believe in him. This story comes with a happy ending, slowly, coming to believe in himself, this past Friday, he gets a call from the business associate that he will be pulling through for him. It may have been coincidental, but could it have been led to a change in attitude and taking the challenge as an opportunity for character building? you decide.


Peace and Love

Positively Bea