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Keeping True in Dire Circumstances

Sometimes in life, one would face strong difficulties and seek for help and support from those that they consider as friends. More than ever, at such times, the people who you consider close to you are not there to support or comfort you. At such times, you feel somewhat antagonized by friends, having your issues being turned into coffee table talk. All of this happens for a reason.

Always remember that in life, you have a choice of viewing a situation. You can either wallow in sadness and see the circumstance as a depressive problem you can’t get out of; or you can see it as an opportunity to grow, be a stronger individual and have thicker skin. The boiling point being, what determines your soulful growth is how you initially identify this issue as.

Even though you may feel abandoned, always keep in mind that the universe has a plan for you. You cannot despise your friends for leaving you at your time of need. In all truth, the only person that can solve such challenges is you. The best support you can get is the person you’re facing in the mirror.

Never allow the feeling of abandonment to change your true self. As you feel that they have turned their backs on you, don’t justify your negative acts on such behaviour, as this is what you perceive is happening. Unlike common talk, perception is not reality. when you cross paths with such people, stay positive. However, always understand the defining lines of your friendship. Not everyone is your best friend, some are in your life as associates.

Always allow your decisions to be driven by the power of positivity. In essence, positivity is our true form as beings. If we all stay true to ourselves and keep positive energy in our environment, we realize that problems in life are a growing opportunity.