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Love is more than skin deep

Over the years, the world has been going through various challenges which boil down to self-hate. Cyber bullying, excessive tanning, light skin versus. dark skin females, body weight, natural hair versus hair extensions, financial satisfaction, the list is endless. However, one cannot accept their physical being without purely loving who they are.

I strongly believe that the love that you have for anything or anyone is a by-product of the love that you have for your own spirit, your own soul.  Appreciating the spirit that you are is highly significant. The core root of why there is so much negativity in the world comes from the lack of love within us.


The fact that we are still on earth living and breathing shows that our souls have a purpose. we all have a greater meaning to something or someone, and truth is, we all gave a greater meaning to ourselves. the ability for us to say “I am” shows importance to our being.

We are not at all negative beings, we are strong, magnificent souls. Every person can invoke happiness, motivation and inspire other beings. With such power in positivity, what is there not to love about such a spirit? we have such a capacity to bring positivity to an individual, which ripples to a greater scale, as positivity is a contagious trait. The power of positivity is within each and every one of us.


It is Mark Sterling that said ‘ if you want to soar in life, you must learn to  F.L.Y (first love yourself), In all truth, we all seek success, thus in essence we must love ourselves, as this is the stepping stone to the achievement in all things positive in life, then let us show each other such love. The love of our exterior will come as a by-product of the love we have for ourselves within. Truth is, love is more than skin deep.