Our Afrolutionists

Tigele Nlebesi


Feminism and Africa’s economic development are two key components that shape our Afrolutionist Tigele Nlebesi. While she is a freelance writer in her country of origin, Botswana and internationally  is a feminist, economist and Afrolutionist. She currently works as a freelance writer locally and internationally, she is part of the Botswana CAL Collective – which seeks to create safe spaces and improved access to healthcare for women , the LGBTQIA+ community and gender non-conforming individuals.

Tigele is also one of the 12 Batswana alumni of the Think Progress (Australia) as well as the University of Botswana Sociology Department for Emerging Leaders Fellowship. She is also Southern with a focus on gender issues and African development. She is also a dedicated advocate and activist. She is a part of the Botswana CAL collective, which among other mandates seeks to create safe spaces and improve access to healthcare services for women, LGBTQIA+ and gender non conforming individuals. She is also one of 12 young Batswana alumni of the Think Progress (Australia) and University of Botswana Sociology department Emerging Leaders Fellowship.

Today, Tigele Afrolutionizes as a Southern Africa regional committee member for the Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassador Network in the Department of Policy and Advocacy, serving on a European Union think tank for child protection in Botswana and works with Yong 1ove – a Botswana Based NGO working to reduce the rate of HIV/AIDS among young people.

Image credit: The Empire BW