This week in African history 9th – 15th November

  • 1961, 9 November – Despite the threat of bombs in Accra, Queen Elizabeth arrives from Britain to begin her collagestate visit to Ghana.
  • 1959, 10 November – State of emergency in Kenya ends. 5 years later, it was declared a one party state.
  • 1965, 11 November – Rhodesian Prime Minister, Ian Smith, issues a Unilateral Declaration of Independence, which was condemned by the UN a day later.
  • 2008, 12 November – Miriam Makeba, South African singer, dies
  • 1950, 13 November – Seretse Khama is asked to renounce his chieftaincy of the Bambngwato tribe, Bechuanaland (Botswana), by the British colonial government, and is offered a pension in return. (Bechuanaland was thrown into turmoil when he married an English woman without the permission of the tribal elders.) He is banned from returning to Bechuanaland by the British when he refuses. (The ban lasts until 1956 when he and his uncle Tshekedi Khama renounced all royal claims).
  • 1969, 14 November – Colonel Gaddafi nationalizes all foreign banks in Libya.
  • 1979, 15 November – Mt. Sinai and the surrounding territory is restored to Egyptian control by Israel.