Turn up for Beans! Rwandan musicians incorporate music to promote a healthy living

When the world thinks of African children in nutrition – they envision half-naked bony children stretching their hands out to the cameraman.

Although we know the truth of our food security in Africa, it is not a secret that many of us are malnourished, and lack access to healthy staple food. Beans are traditionally part of a staple food that many African cultures have incorporated into their cuisine. In Rwanda such as, a dish called Ibihaza infuses beans and pumpkins creating a mouth-watering healthy meal for plenty.

Rwanda took note of the fact that almost 40 percent of its children do not get enough iron in their diets, making them prone to lower their IQ’s, a weaker learning capacity, lowered resistance to disease and energy levels. With such knowledge, they took advantage of the new high irons beans that are now available in the country, as well as Uganda and the Democratic republic of Congo. These new iron beans have 15% more iron than ordinary beans, and can offer women and children with close to half of their daily iron needs. The beans also create a financial advantage -yielding twice the harvest of ordinary beans, which means more income for over 700 000 Rwandan farmers.

To take the benefit of these beans to the people, particularly to the urban market would probably be an uphill battle, however Harvest Plus, a global program that focuses on nutrition improvement, collaborated with the top Afro-pop, Rap and R&B musicians to create a banger song that informs the public about beans.

To be honest, it sounds a bit corny and played out to think of artists coming together for a positive campaign right? But with the likes of King James, Miss Jojo, Riderman, Tom Close, and Urban Boyzon we were sure to know that the song would be a banger regardless. And to be honest, it’s a very catchy turn up track that happens to talk about health benefits. The production is good, video quality on point (just make sure that you have good wi-fi, the HD video is on point) plus the people agree with my sentiments, if not so, they wouldn’t have went on a road show and performed to over 30 000 people across the country.

Watch the video below and turn up!