Call for nominations: The IAB South Africa Bookmarks awards 2015

The IAB South Africa intiative will be celebrating its 7th year in2015. The awards are aimed at celebrating well executioned innovative ideas in the digital atmosphere, bench marked against international standards.

This year, over 50 categories including mobile, ecommerce, websites, email, social media and design awards are up for grabs, and all it takes for you to have your idea or project recognised on an international platform is to register here, and apply in any of the categories that apply to your innovation. The competition is open to all Africans, that’s right, all 1.11 billion of you who think have what it takes to put your work out there can apply!

The best part is that fancy videos or micro-sites aren’t necessarily needed if you don’t have them, screenshots and pdf files are accepted, and remember, if your an innovative African in the digital hemisphere, you can apply! Closing date is 21st November, so you have less than  For more information visit their official website for details.


The IAB South Africa (http://iabsa.net) is a member-driven organisation that promotes digital growth.

It is an independent, non profit association that focuses on growing and sustaining a vibrant and profitable digital industry within South African parameters. Its aim is to provide members with a networking platform where they can engage and interact with each other. Currently, the organisation embodies 200 members including online publishers, educational institutions and media or digital agencies.