UN Human rights council picks Botswana’s cultural brain

United Nations Human rights council’s special Rapporteur Farida Shaheed is set to visit Botswana from 14th to 26th of November to measure the country’s efforts in improving human rights, through participation of its cultural life and heritage.

A Motswana woman weaving baskets - Photocredit Ian Michler
A Motswana woman weaving baskets – Photocredit Ian Michler

Shaheed’s mandate is to learn how Botswana understands the realization of cultural rights through policy making, with focus in education and tourism. She will further assess policies developed to ensure the right of people to enjoy the arts, to freedom of artistic expression and creativity and to manifest their culture.

Throughout her visit, Shaheed intends to meet with various actors in the cultural field in national and local levels. She will also meet with civil society organizations to discuss good practices and challenges in Botswana’s journey of cultural preservation.

Shaheed’s trek stems from Maun, Okavango Delta to Tsodilo hills, Dkar, Shakawe, Ghanzi and Gaborone.

To the Batswana citizens, what do you think her outlook of the cultural life here will be?