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Sorry for the long wait…

Before we get back to our regular schedule, we need to discuss the elephant in the room – our impromptu hiatus.

Due to a few extra features and behind-the-scenes work, the Afrolutionist has garnered a few more staff and better changes to the blog, to satisfy our subscribed readers and visitors. But we can’t give all the details without an apology.

For leaving you all high and dry, we are profusely apologetic, but fortunately, good things have still been going on in Africa and you will hear of them soon. The Afrolutionist has also garnered interest from true Afrolutionists (African Revolutionists) who wanted to touch base with like-minded people who are into African Development so basically – the wonderful person reading this sentence.

Allow me to whet your AD appetite – one of South Africa’s most promising leaders in literacy will be hanging out with us in the coming week where you can ask him questions on his journey and where he is now (hint: he read his way out of abject poverty). We’ll be hanging out on twitter soon so you can have a live cyber contact with him too, but well get into that in our forth-coming posts.

Next, The Afrolutionist has garnered a better platform for artistic Fridays, so more than one poet, or one person involved in the arts will be featured, and who knows, it might just be you! So don’t hesitate to send your form of artistry to afrolutionist@gmail.com and we will have you featured in our blog. The next best news is that we have extended our artistic Fridays to the entire weekend, so our posts on African arts will be extended to Fridays AND Saturdays.

Now obviously, I cant give you EVERYTHING on our new changes, but worry not, it is not too drastic, but we will have slots that cater to our Afrolutionists from around the world who have been following us, thank you for still checking out our blog and don’t forget to link with us on other platforms (twitter, facebook and google plus) so we can stay in touch.

Peace and love,

The Afrolutionist