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Kenya, you are 51 today…

You have crossed over half a century and your taking baby steps to your the next milestone, independence of 100 years.

Although this year was marred with Al Shabaab brutalities, killings and shooting down those of different religious views, and not to forget the controversial dropping of Kenyatta’s case, you still remain East Africa’s commercial powerhouse.

In an economic environment that was shook with terrorism, you have not only sustained yourselves but also grown. The World Bank predicted a 4.7% growth rate based on the booming trends of all sectors in your economy. Their predictions based on a growth motorized by aggregate demand, strong consumption and investment – based on findings of the Kenya Economic Update for June this year. “Macroeconomic stability and credible policies have underpinned Kenya’s growth in the past and the economy remains fairly resilient” stated Diarietou Gaye, World Bank Country Director for Kenya.

This year, you created and are under the implementation phase of the Country Partnership Strategy (2014-2018), a strategy endorsed by the World Bank and the entity has and will provide $4 billion over the strategic period to assist in youth employment, increase infrastructure, reduce poverty levels and devolve power to regional communities.

This said, it is important Kenya for your government to not forget its people. Looking at the pressure your GDP is facing based on drought, insecurity, fiscal expansion and implementation of devolution, the government needs to solve this through keeping your economy elastic; flexible – not relying on a particular resource as we see other countries in Africa doing.

Kenya, although you are 51, you are youthful, you are beautiful. Such beauty stretched across your geographic canvas. Your canvas tells vibrant historical tales, from the Ruins of Gedi stretched to the Diani Beach, we hear wailers along Shimba Hills, the soothing sounds of waters running down the river splashing into Nyahururu waterfalls. We cannot let the crimes of others affect the purity of your ecology. I cannot say this enough Kenya, you are beautiful.

As the world watches while you celebrate Jamhuri Day, a day we once thought would never come, oppressed by British colonial rule. Take in all your blessings, consume your beauty. Immerse yourself in what you have become today – be proud of your people, your economy, and physique. You are Kenya, you are the abode of gods.