This Week in African History (14th – 20th December)

1901, 14 December – South Africa
During the second Boer War which lasted 2 years, 7 months, 2 weeks and 6 day, the British erected concentration camps were erected Boers. On this specific day , Reports reached London of the large number of deaths in South African concentration camps. During the period, over 26 000 women and children died in these camps.
1989, 15 DecemberComoros
In Comoros, a island state between Madagascar and Mozambique, Mercenary coup in Comoros gave up power after 21 days on this day. The mercenary leader and ex-presidential bodyguard, Bob Denard, tried to create a ‘pirate kingdom’ after the assassination of the president Ahmed Abderrahman Abdallah.
1963, 16 DecemberKenya
after over 10 years of revolt, A general amnesty is announced for Mau Mau forest fighters (the anti-collonial rebellion) in Kenya.
1960, 17 DecemberEthiopia
This day the 225th and last reigning Emperor of Ethiopia, Emperor Haile Selassie returns to his country after being ousted by his son.
1932, 18 DecemberSouth Africa
Amy Johnson, a pioneering British female aviator, lands in the UK after a pioneering flight of seven days, seven hours and five minutes from South Africa.
1969, 19 DecemberUganda
Ugandan socialist, freedom fighter and premier Dr Apollo Milton Obote is shot in the head by a gunman, he survives the fatal attack and lived on to 2005.
1969, 20 DecemberEgypt
in Egypt, Colonel Gamal Abdul al-Nasser dubs Muhammad Anwar al-Sadat as his successor.