Cameroon annihilates Boko Haram fighters on their attempt to invade the northern Region

“Finally, a taste of their own medicine”, is what you shamelessly thought when you read the headline. Its no myth they too can get what they give.

A confirmed 143 militants of Boko Haram died yesterday upon their invasion into Cameroon, according to Issa Tchiroma Bakary Minister of Communications of the state. Boko Haram fighters felt brave enough to storm into Cameroons military base in Kolofata, in hopes to seize more equipment. Ironically, not only have they lost lives but important warfare artillery made up of assault rifles, heavy weapons and bullets were seized back by the Cameroon military base.
According to a statement aired on state broadcasting television by Bakary, the attack began before dawn would peak yesterday, with several Islamist fighters crossing over from Nigeria penetrating Kolofata’s military base, a base where an elite army unit is stationed.
An eruption of guns, bombs and fighting trembled across the base for more than five hours before the attackers fled back from where they came with their tails nestled between their legs. Luckily, residents of Kolofata fled on the sound of the first gunshot, so there were no citizen casualties; however a Cameroonian soldier lost his life during the war.
The attack on Kolofata interestingly comes shortly after Abubar Shekau, Boko Harams leader, vowed to strike back on Cameroon for sending warplanes against the fighters last month in a YouTube video.
Cameroon has taken a guerrilla approach to ending terrorism in their region, since Boko Haram’s previous attack in Kolofata in July last year which massacred several and held 27 people hostage.The country has since deployed the army’s elite Rapid Intervention Battalion (the heroes that contained the war) and are in passing of a new Anti-Terrorism law which proposes a death sentence to those guilty of carrying out, abetting or sponsoring acts of terrorism.
Although the new law is believed to be a ‘reversal of human freedoms’ by human rights activists, this immediate and effective approach controls terrorist acts while decreasing civilian casualties.