EBOLA UPDATE: Killer Virus Dying Off

The Ebola Virus is not only being contained by volunteers and Ebola fighters, but numbers of cases are decreasing according to WHO.

According to the recent WHO Ebola case report, no new cases have been reported in the past 21 days in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Mali has no reported cases in 42 days, making it officially Ebola free. Guinea on the other hand reported its lowest weekly total of new confirmed Ebola cases.

All of the affected areas now have sufficient capacity to isolate and treat patients, according to the WHO report. With various elements to the response of the outbreak, community engagement and reporting is key, presently 87% of districts in Guinea, 100% of districts in Liberia and 57% of districts in Sierra Leona have active and effective systems that monitor community engagement activities, and report back to stakeholders that pledged their help in combating the virus.

The dying out of the Ebola virus has now mobilized communities to live life back to how it was, with schools in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone re-opening this week. Upon the public schools officially opening this week in Guinea, safety precautions are still being issued throughout the institutions: such as, school entrance screening , not allowing anyone who has a fever over 38° C, and protocols that include sending anyone with such symptoms to the nearest health clinic.

UNICEF and its partners have resourcefully equipped schools and its teachers with information and tools to prevent further transmission. UNICEF trained thousands of school teachers in effectively participating in social mobilization campaigns and information sharing with children, parents and community members on safety precautions to prevent further transmission. Schools were equipped with hygiene kits, including soap, buckets and safe water being delivered to schools.

In numbers, UNICEF assisted in granted hygiene kits to over 12 000 schools that educate 2.7 million children in Guinea currently supporting Liberian and Sierra Leone government in reopening 5 181 schools (in Liberia) and 8 100 in Sierra Leone.