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6 Things We Can Learn From Nature Inger

Last Friday We carried an in depth interview with one of Africa’s growing powerful models, Nature Inger. A young biracial Motswana model who grew from a small village not so far from the city to being crowned as Miss World  Supermodels 2014 in Fiji. Granted, we explored many topics which made the interview quite long (it three page tabs long… if your not on a bus ride or had curry last night, its a bit of a task to read) so we slimmed it into lessons you can pick up from our powerful conversation with her.

  1. Be True To Your Passion

“I think also it’s just a lot of models that model here, there is a select few – and I can name and count them with just my two hands – that really say I want to be a model and it’s all I want to do. For other girls it’s something they want to do past time, and they care about it and love it, but to them they see it as a hobby.”

Nature believes that passion requires 100% energy and input. You cannot treat your dream like past time, the results replicate your effort.

  1. Always learn from your environment

“I come from a family where I had very strong women and very kind and compassionate men… I learnt from my mom that you have to be strong, you have to work hard. From my dad I learnt you have to be kind, compassionate, humble and honest. I had that from all sides of the family.”

There are always positives that you see from not only your parents, but your siblings, cousins and extended family. Grasp onto that and infuse it positively to shape your values

  1. Dare to be different

“Internationally all the black models, Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Iman for example had weaves and straight hair. So I automatically thought, if I want to do this I should have my hair straight. But he said “no, no, no! I want your afro it’s what makes you unique, I know you’re biracial, but you have white facial features –but you have an afro. It makes you really interesting…I thought why should I stand out whilst everyone looks the same? So it took me a while to embrace my difference and understand why I need to be unique.”

Our common similarity is that we are all different. It took Nature a while to be comfortable and confident with her curly blonde afro hair – but it made her original. Always be comfortable in your skin. It works even outside the modelling world.

  1. Africa is not one skin colour – we are diverse.

“I was turned away from competitions and gigs because I would be told, the colour of my skin doesn’t represent the face or brand of our country, or that I’m not African enough… And this is a problem that our society has because how are we meant to grow and develop our country if we are to put racial constraints on who can and cannot be a Motswana?”

*drops mic*

  1. Leave the Judgement alone

“I don’t think things like hair and fashion should be painful, difficult things to talk about or made into subjects on which we slander and judge each other. I think we should all smile as women, and be like ‘Gosh! I’d never wear that but hey, that’s her and that’s it’.”

Yes, there are issues where media creates platforms where a woman’s image is under scrutiny, but true power lies within our response. We must be more accepting of our differences and more welcoming of all our image choices.

  1. Focus on your dream – with hard work, belief and not allowing people to get in your dream’s way.

“I do believe in luck, I do believe in destiny and I do believe in God. So I think you have to believe in all, or some, of those things and meet them halfway, so you literally have to work and never let anybody bring you down and this is the important part, not even people who you look up to, not even your family or friends, because NOBODY has the right to… I was going to swear, but I won’t… nobody has the right to poop on your dream.”

That should be the best raw advice that the youth need – keep light of your dream and never allow someone to take it away from you. Follow Nature on her golden path to success engage with her through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram