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The Intergalactic Listening Session With Chasing Jaykb

I found myself in the heart of Gaborone at a jam session where i heard Chasing Jaykb would be showcasing their EP “Bongo Country”. This very untried (at least for Botswana), alternative sound that this duo has going on is really a dubstep/folk/pop admixture with a radical feel to it. For example in songs like “Caveman Jive” where the vocalist, Kat Kai Kol-Kes explains and demonstrates the “feeling of contentment in knowing that sometimes its okay not be the brightest bulb… to be a fork where everyone is looking for a spoon”. Although there are some very depressing, emotional tracks on this EP such as “why” where Kat  sings about trying to move on from a relationship.

Her voice, by the way reminds me of King Krule which makes a lot what she does effective. As for the production, it can immediately be seen that the instrumentation isn’t mature and can get really sterile. However, I feel there is a tremendous amount of potential. It’s not just a cacophony of sound as it may sometimes seem; there is a genuine element of experimentation somewhere in there. Exciting stuff from Kat Kai Kol-Kes !!  Have a full listen to Chasing Jaykb’s album here and make your purchase.

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