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Mugabe Dubbed Chairman of The African Union

President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe may just be the busiest 90-year-old in Africa this year.

Outside of his presidency and ruling Zimbabwe, and filling the role of a chairperson for the Southern African Devleopment Community (SADC) he now occupies the chairperson post of the African Union, a position previously filled by Mauritania’s Mohammed Ould Abdel Aziz. Elected by his peers in the AU, Mugabe accepted the position and shook hands with Abel Aziz in front of his peers at today’s summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

“By electing me to preside over this august body, with full knowledge of the onerous responsibility that lies ahead, I humbly accept your collective decision,” he stated.

Turning 91 next month, Mugabe has 3 heavily loaded responsibilities to adhere to. However, his seat in the AU will need him to represent Africa at international gatherings and summits where world leaders hold discussions that affect citizens across all nations in the world, the main problem here is that Mugabe faces travel bans to the European Unions and United States.

Apart from manning major economic and political problems in his own country, will his presence and role in the AU translate into a positive impact in reaching Africa’s agenda 2063?