Afrolutionists State Of Mind

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I cannot express the amount of gratitude I owe toward people who dedicate their lives to bettering the lives of Africans, especially if it’s something of a peaceful revolution. Recently I discovered this great new blog called The Afrolutionist. I discovered The Afrolutionist from a business associate who appraised it so highly that I bulged my table manners and took out my mobile phone and checked out what it was all about (all this was during a very serious meeting by the way). I browsed through the entire blog, and it is really well put. The voice of African people all cultured and poised lain diligently in the most captivating manner. And the fact that it talks about real issues will have you drawn even more. It would be great if you saw it yourself, and prepare yourself for some serious mental stimulation. Just in case I tend to overexaggerate, do visit the blog to see what I’m talking about
I felt personally responsible on reporting the start of something great for Africa. We had a small conversation and here’s what The Afrolutionist had to say.

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