Rwanda looks to the Sun for a green solution

Rwanda is becoming notorious for implementing goals and dreams most African countries have set.

First, it was their goal to become a knowledge based society – that they are soon to achieve in less than 20 years. Now, Rwanda has its eyes set on the sun for an energy solution.

Last week, Rwanda signed a multi-million dollar deal with Energiya Global Capital group- an affiliate of Gigawatt Global, to provide a solar energy 60km’s away from of Kigali, the capital city, boosting its electricity supply by 8%. This makes Rwanda the first country in East Africa to go solar when it comes to electrical resources.

Rwandan government has set the bar high when it comes to electrical connection – aiming to connect half of its population to electricity by 2017, a goal well on its way as the population coverage has increased from 6% (2008) to 16% (2012).

Outside of solar electrical provision the World Food Programme mad a generous donation of 60 grain dryers worth Rwf 27 million to farmers across the country. Much like the new power project, these grain dryers are powered by solar energy or by grid power. These grain dryers assist with preventing condensation, moisture ingress, controlling pest infestation without the use of pesticides.

This also harvests more produce for the farmers, as farmers can dry produce quickly and more efficiently.

The strides taken by government and NGO’s to drive Rwanda towards a an environmentally friendly economy prove the essence that its not only culture we need to preserve as Africans, but our land.