Does Mali’s road to peace interfere with human rights of its people? UN investigates

For the first ten days of this month, UN independent Expert is in Mali to assess its current situation of human rights in the area amidst its current round of peace negotiations.

Under a new face of cabinet as we highlighted in the course of last year, Mali is under peaceful negotiations with Tuareg rebes of Northern Mali – who seek independence from their state. Suliman Baldo, a United Nations Independent Expert is in Mali at this moment to critically denote justice issues during the negotiation process. Furthermore, to ensure human rights are institutionalized to prevent further human rights violations.

In the latest round of peace negotiations that started February 16th, coming from a series of informal consultations between mediation and parties in Algiers. This created a Declaration of consolidation of ceasefire to be signed on both parties, to end all forms of violence immediately which implementing confidence building measures in collaboration with United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali – including the release of prisoners. This was signed by government yet by March 1st, a coalition of armed opposition groups refused to sign the deal citing they were not entire ready to sign the agreement. A head of the UN peacekeeping mission in Mali stated that the accord is the most viable compromise however doesn’t reflect all the parties respective demands, this may be the underlying cause of the time the coalition is taking to sign the deal.

Although this is new information Blado didn’t expect upon arrival, he is set to meet people outside the government enclave; reaching out to victims associations, NGO’s, the diplomatic community and the UN Country Team in Mali. Most importantly, Baldo will be visiting Northern Mali to assess the situation on field level on a first hand basis.

Upon the end of his visit, he will share his observations, findings and recommendations to the Human Rights Council on March 24th this year, including his previous mission findings from last October.

Source: APO, AP