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EXCLUSIVE: Catch our Interview with Kimyan Law tomorrow

Kimyan Law is someone I’ve had my eyes on for a little while. This Congolese artist’s sound has become increasingly refined and more intricate over the last few years with this dark, murky electronic music. He has been living Austria for a while now after fleeing the civil war in the Congo and it was in Vienna where he would get knee-deep into the drum and bass scene, working with Blu Mar Ten Records. His work shows an obvious influence from Drum and Bass and some varieties of organic music – sealed with technically complex effects. At only 20 years, he has a very bright future ahead, and having already created the masterpiece that is “Coeur Calme” in 2014, one cant help being excited about wonder what he has in store for this year.

Familiarize yourself with his music – click the link below and explore his rendition of EDM: