UN Special Rapporteur seeks truth in Eritrean Refugees in Belgium

Eritrea, a country in Africa with the most media censorship, having no private media and no international journalists or entities to investigate the political or economic situation.

This raises eyebrows across the globe as we see a high amount of Eritreans fleeing the one party state, and we only know bits and pieces of the situation through secret websites and forums where people express revolt.

However, as these refugees seek asylum in other countries, some of which European – they need protection. We as the world need to be assured of their safety and of human rights violations are ongoing, violations such as slave trade, organ selling, and inhumane tortures. This brings the need of UN Special Rapporteur Sheila B. Keetharuth.

Keetharuth is currently in Belgium at this moment to collect first hand information from Eritrean refugees and migrants to obtain information on the human rights situation in Eritrea, and where they now dwell. Since 2014, Keetharuth has been carrying out missions of visiting countries where Eritrean refugees live; such as Ethiopia, Germany, Italy, Malta and Tunisia.

Unfortunately, she is one of the many who have denied access to go to Eritrea and learn first hand information on the state of human rights in the area – however migrants around the world have been open in sharing their experience.“Due to lack of access to Eritrea, I have been engaging with Eritrean refugees and migrants outside of their home country, and all others concerned by human rights in Eritrea, including those who consider themselves to be victims of alleged human rights violations, human rights defenders and other civil society actors.” She stated.

Her findings will be published in her third report to the Human Rights Council in June 2015