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Homophobia in Africa; a stigma fueled by legislation

Homosexuality to most even in modern Africa is still deemed Un-African and to some African leaders ‘A white men disease’. An absurd and totally ridiculous ideology if you ask me. Since when is sexual orientation confined to geography? Aligning homosexuality with colonialism and issues of race is detrimental to society, feeding more to the already existent social ills such as racism.

As Africans we have tasked ourselves with the ‘Pin point’ phenomena. What is hindering development in Africa? Imperialism. Why are the youth failing to uphold morality? Westernization and of course homosexuality to colonialism and many more factors. Our beloved continent takes pride in shying away from reality and putting blame. However this seems to stem from our own leaders. If I too may do right by my people and join the pin point system, our leaders are leading us astray. How can a man who has lived for more that 9 decades with an assortment of qualifications, who is in most cases referred to as one of the most intelligent African on his high horse,shame humanity and explain homosexuality to be a white men illness? Also bills that a being passed in countries like Uganda diminishing and ridiculing the progress that African countries such as South Africa have made on the matter.

Our leaders need to lead by example, the eradication of stigma and discrimination against gay people rests upon their mighty shoulders. Implementing certain bills against homosexuality gives people leeway to become content with homophobic mindsets. Subjecting a person to discrimination because of their sexuality surely oppresses the very same values that our so called freedom stands upon.

In joining the global village to work toward human rights , Africa needs to tackle Homosexuality in African culture headfirst .As Africans we need to eradicate the mindset that we a harbouring today and claim our forgotten past, the Africans that did not hate but rather stood side by side and embraced each other’s differences . Our leaders will have to lead us in the same manner they did with HIV and AIDS, teach us to break the chains of mediocre thinking that leads most to believe homosexuals are less than others so we too can in turn teach our children from a young age to accept and make peace with homosexuality.

As a humanitarian and advocate, I am appalled at the thinking of most of our African leaders and how they have dismally failed to lead the people into the new age world where human rights are rights for all and who you bed at night is non of anyone’s business but yours and your partner. Hopefully as I join the Afrolutionist I am able to use this platform to write against the atrocious manner in which things are still done in the world.