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The tomorrow we want Today: AIESEC hosts youth to business forum

Along the busy western bypass road in Gaborone, Botswana lies a Piazza previously utilized for entertainment activity.

However, 11 days ago a movement was born. A movement where youth realized the need to create a bridge between themselves and the older age group in business. We informed you earlier about this movement termed Youth in Business Botswana, alas, not even we were ready for the robust productivity that would be seen on the day.

With business partners such as STANLIB INVESTMENT Management Services, Letshego Financial Services (Pty) Ltd-Botswana and Yarona FM behind them, the AIESEC Youth to Business forum was more than companies profiling themselves, it became a hub where languages spoken in spacial age groups formed forged into a new dialect.

Kabo Tshumane, a young business leader from Business Botswana shared his views with us on his experience, noting that establishing a business as a young person is difficult and sometimes we lose hope. However, it is imperative to know that we as youth aren’t alone and must network with each other and with captains of industry as much as we possibly can.

Although the youth attendance was short of my personal expectations (granted, the expected 200 people, I believe even more would benefit from this forum) this year, it is clear to say that this youth to business forum needs to be back on the radar same time next year.