Afrolutionists State Of Mind

A pinch and a punch to the entrepreneurs this month

April is a common month for economic reviews, analysis, opening and closing of business years. This drove us to ask the question; what is the youth’s footprint in the African Economy?

With natural resources such as gold, oil and natural gas fuelling the success of the economic environment in the continent – we see more young people trying to penetrate the labour force but move into the informal sector or start their own innovative businesses.

Moreso, such entrepreneurs are seen in various fields of the social environment, such as the medical field like Olamide Orekunrin, Founder and Managing Director of Flying Doctors Nigeria – a service providing urgent air ambulances to health institutions, companies and private individuals in the country.

If you know about any young person making a difference in Africa contact us on – allow us to praise these young heroes and heroines.