in African History: Haile Selassie

It was the dawn of April 3rd 1930 that Ras Tafari Makonnen was proclaimed (not crowned) Emperor of Ethiopia. Upon the unfortunate demise of his predecessor  today in 1930. He was later crowned and termed Haile Sellasie (“Might of the Trinity”) on the 2nd of November that same year.

An African leader and catalyst for humanity, peace and unity, Haile Selassie modernized Ethiopia’s economic arrangement from a feudal system, which relied on purchases and payments in goods and services, to a more modernized constitutional monarchy – one which constantly defeated Italian forces from their attempts in colonization.

Although his last few years in the political realm in his country are marred with exile, and ousting of military coup, Selassie brought to light Unity among Africans, being the catalyst in establishing the Organisation of African Unity in 1963, known today as the African Union.  Read below quotes from the Afrolutionistic leader.

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