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#MCM Providing solutions of the sun:Henri Nyakarundi

With growth in ICT comes great innovation, and with Rwanda’s growing culture of looking upward for an innovative solution, Henri Nyakarundi forges part of this new age trend.

If you’ve ever had a low battery in a public place and desperately needed to charge your phone, or quick access to internet but can’t find an internet cafe or out of data? Then this Afrolutionist in Rwanda is someone that should be on your radar.

The solar mobile kiosk, imagees coursety of
The solar mobile kiosk, image courtesy of

Nyakarundi is the founder of African Renewable Energy Distributor (ARED) a company that seeks to provide stable and reliable energy solutions to the Rwandan community. Established in 2012, ARED provides an innovative product termed as the  solar mobile kiosk in the heart of Nyabugogo market in Kigali, Rwanda’s capital city.

The sleek solar mobile kiosk not only proves innovating in providing a solar solution – but one can do business anywhere due to its lightweight ergonomics. This solution has become a booming factor in Nyabugogo market, and opened opportunities for other entrepreneurs to venture in this product, extending it to other areas of Rwanda.  The thriving product also garnered Henri Nyakarundi a Social Seif Entrepreneurship Award (the business Swiss business plan competition) last year.  His future endevours involve expanding his business to outside Rwanda, trickling into other countries in Africa