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#WeekendUpdate Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi becomes the Humanitarian Visa d’Or Laureate

This year, panelists across the world convened to discuss which photojournalist captured this years theme “women and war”.

Over very short deliberations, the entire panel unanimously chose photojournalist Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi for her pictorial documentation of her depiction of the trial of 39 social for rape in Minova, Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Minova Rape Trials took eight days and convened in a temporary court in South Kivu Town. 39 Soldiers stood at the accusation of raping approximately 1000 Minova residents three years ago, and faces defendants who were guised to protect their identity.

Diana’s pictorial efforts to document the trial not only gave light to rape victims in Minova, but also captured the sensitivity of the trial – and publicizing such on a world stage ensuring that her role in realizing the voices of rape victims in the area is significant.

She will be formally presented with the award in Perpignan, France, September 3rd at the 27th Visa pour l’image photojournalism festival.

Supported by the International Commitee of the Red Cross, the panel encompassed Daphné Anglès, (New York Times), Armelle Canitrot, (La Croix), Magdalena Herrera (Géo), Jerôme Huffer (Paris Match), Cyril Drouhet (Le Figaro magazine), Georgios Comninos and David-Pierre Marquet (ICRC).