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Leadership politics

Leadership in our continent has rattled our society, as suggested by history.

Moving from a time of empires and kingdoms, where leadership was believed to be part of your genetic blood, to the bloody takeover of European settlers, to the now democratic rule where leadership is chosen by the candidate with the most compelling manifesto.

Unfortunately, our leadership in this continent is not reflective of the change that the anti-colonialists would speak of. Countries in Africa face rigidity in freedom of speech -incarcerating bloggers and journalists. The demons of corruption and secrecy to finances lead to a nation that is seething hate for their government, and a full loss of trust.

When it comes to the principles of democracy, such as citizen participation, we are walking the path of failure.Anti-colonial leaders of our time such as Guinean writer and activist Amilcar Cabral set a well achievable standard of democracy that incorporates our cultural leadership with today’s times in a globally competitive world. The core of revolutionary democracy lies within the complete unapologetic honesty of the leader. The moment a leader keeps things secret (even in good spirit), he creates an opportunity for his subordinates to work in secrecy as well. Secrecy is the last major ingredient for corruption to thrive in any environment.