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Christopher Seagateng

Public Relations Officer-BW JOBS 4 GRADUATES

Botswana Youth Jobs Fair 2016

Every year universities releases thousands of graduates who join many others in the industry in search of employment. Due to lack of jobs majorities opt for the government Internship Programme. Through various consultations on the utilization of service personnel from the programme majority of interns feel underutilized generally because there are no tasks to perform at their work places.

Most of them claim they spend the day reading newspapers,performing duties way below what they studied and looking for jobs. The occurrence is a worrying development, coupled with the Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture’s vision to see the youth in entrepreneurship it is therefore that the money channelled to the programme could be used to revamp it as below:

It is time to let our graduates think and develop solutions to our problems through innovation. Our Universities, Vocational and Technical colleges produce thousands of brilliant young engineers,science students etc each year, but sadly, they are drowned by the system or displaced unto the shores of under-productivity and under-utilization.

The chunk of graduates whose talents will be withered and misused over the National Internship Programme could be directed into entrepreneurial thinking. By this entrepreneurship is added to the scheme’s objectives. Graduates would then have the option to register under a career interest, for instance marketing and advertising, textiles and fabrics works, software and app development etc. After which they would be grouped into workable numbers with like-minded people to develop a viable business solution to some challenges of society under the supervision of a business mentor.

Viable plans at the end of the service period should then be offered funding either from government or the mentors to kick-start their operations under monitoring. With this not less than twenty start-ups can be expected each year, within each region, effectively, fighting graduate unemployment, challenging the youth to take hold of the future and mirroring the image of an emerging economy. This is also a major way of maximizing the returns to the investment government makes in education. Implementing this through the National Internship programme with the help of other stakeholders such as Ministry of Trade and Industry will help minimize the challenges for a smooth take off. Today’s graduates are well poised to move the economy to a different level and this can only be achieved by channelling our energies into our passions.