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Today is Africa Day. A day where in 1963 was the birth of realizing a dream of freedom in practice. Freedom being the foundation of holistic continental growth.

53 years later, Africans born into freedom have put critical thought in the reconciliation of Africa’s development, factoring in the attendance of the 25th World Economic Forum held in Cape Town, South Africa last year. Eighty of these young vibrant brains pieced a Pan-African publication titled “Africa 80” which is to be released today.

All these voices stemming from the world-wide organisation “Global Shapers’’, young brilliant minds from well over 30 different African countries penned their developmental ideals into Africa 80, not only for documentation purposes but to stimulate further dialogue and application of African empowerment economic growth, political evolution along with reigniting applied emotional intelligence we know amiably as Ubuntu.

Africa 80’s authors stem from all walks of life, including Botswana’s Tshologelo Mokgoabone, Zimbabwe’s Ndose Janine and Tanzania’s Lilian Madeje. Speaking on the significance of the book, Global Shaper’s Gaborone Hub curator Katlego Kolanyane-Kesupile said “We believe that this book will not only command attention across the continent but most importantly, provoke the spirit of unity and of working together for the benefit of Africa’s current & future inhabitants.”

With the foreword penned by Ashish Thakkar, the book will be launched today under the theme “Transfrmation through Collaboration”, announcing the formation of the Africa80 Foundation: a Pan-African network which will foster development initiatives such as the book. It is available on amazon and Africa 80 website.