The UN’s independent expert on albinism Ikponwonsa Ero is working tirelessly for the rights of people of albinism to be implemented in all communities within the continent.

From previous reporting on her research conducted in seven of Africa’s 54 nation’s including Gabon and Malawi. Bringing severe atrocities happening to people with albinism in remote areas pocketed around the continent to global dialogue.

Her research and recommendations are igniting change, and movement towards justice for victims of these atrocities. In Malawi, a ruthless killer of people with albinism has been sentenced to life imprisonment with no pardon upon the ruling of mutilating and killing an 11-year-old boy. This is an example of dialogue influencing legal action.

The journey towards the implementation and enjoyment of human rights for all doesn’t end here, as Ero is to host the first ever regional forum for Action on Albinism in Africa tomorrow, in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. “There are a lot of specific, practical, simple and effective measures that some countries have successfully used to tackle the issues faced by persons with albinism” said Ms. Ero, further adding that these include a dedicated office and budget on the issue, creating a telephone hotline to report crimes and threats, regulating ‘witchcraft’ and traditional medicine practitioners, among others.

She does believe however, that the ideas must be shared as best practices and developed into a continental road map in order to tackle the issue.

150 participants from 28 countries in the region will be in attendance. Majority from civil society, a tenth from national human rights institutions and remaining from government. The forum will further include academics and human rights specialists from the African Union and United Nations.