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As part of a conversation project, a female Eastern Rhino was moved from a zoo in Czech Republic to A natural park in Tanzania.

The three-year old Female Rhino ‘Eliska’ was born in Zoo Svur Kralove, Czech Republic under the conservation project run by the George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust. A project with aim to help endangered animal populations to grow and prosper in their natural habitat.

Flying in a Being 757-200 freighter provided by DHL, the Eastern Black Rhino flew into its natural home of Tanzania, creating a new home in Mkomazi Rhino sanctuary. Director General of the Tanzania National Park, Alan Kijazi, expressed pleasure and gratitude at the success of the rhino finding its way home; thanking the conservation stakeholders and team for ensuring the success of the project, helping restore the number of rhinos in the sanctuary.

Eliska is an Eastern Black Rhino, one of the most endangered mammal groups on earth. According to Save The Rhino, the number of black rhinos in Africa range between 5042 and 5 455 today. Rison from 50 black rhinos left in the early 1900’s. Efforts through international Ngo’s and sanctuaries scattered across our continent as well as anti-poaching programs significantly brought assistance to conserving the black rhino – deterring it from extinction.