#supportlocal #buylocal Ncinci’s Braai Dai Fridays


Deep in the complexities of hot takes in the internet lies a theory that the art of braai was birthed in Southern Africa. The take is that many moons ago, homo sapiens who explored controlling fire accidentally dropped meat on hot coal. This meat tasted better than in its raw state, and its variation was explored.This is of course a fiercely debated topic, however what we have today is great tradition of coming together over delicious protein slow cooked through charcoal, good drinks and even better conversation.

While the demanding city life proves difficult to find time for a solid braai with mates, Kwa Ga Ncinci keeps the tradition alive every Friday through #BraaiDaiFridays. Make an easy order and to enjoy a filling meal that makes all the work stress during the week fade away. A good meal surrounded by mates you love over a cooling sunset in Gaborone are make great pockets of memories for your future self.

#SupportLocal and make your bookings for Braai Dai Fridays through Kwa Ga Ncinci’s Facebook page, and for more information.



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