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Meet The Afrolutionist: Pelumi Fadare, a ninjaspiration

Meet our new Afrolutionist and Ninjaspiration Pelumi Fadare. At only 23, the Nigerian born Spanish social entrepreneur speaks eight languages, lived in ten countries, and travels all over the world in the name of education acquisition and knowledge sharing. She is an educational vlogger, sharing scholarship tips on her Vlog Ninjaspiration. Ninjaspiration is a platform which  creates a culture of doers and openly sharing opportunities to Africans worldwide. She is also the founder of ApplicAid ,a multi-award-winning non-profit social start-up that promotes global educational justice. Get to know more about her inspiring life story and work.

What led to your move to Spain? Were there any cultural shocks you faced?

My father moved to Europe (the Netherlands) in his early 20s. I was already born before he left. After some years, he moved to Spain to get a residency permit to legally stay. My mother and I joined him 10 years plus later when I was 10.  Spain wasn’t my choice but it is home. Cultural shocks were: language and children not playing on the streets, just in parks.

What led to you becoming a multi-linguist?

This is thanks to having 4 languages when I was 10. My mother tongues English and Yoruba, while acquiring new mother tongues: Spanish and Catalan. Afterwards, the flair for languages was inevitable. I just have a passion for it and it led me to learning French, German, Arabic, Italian, Chinese and Serbian. I also began to reflect upon the commonalities and heterogeneity between the two cultures I straddled. Since then, I have come to understand that languages are essential to advancing intercultural understanding and sustainable peace

You described the qualities of being hardworking, outgoing, motivated and energetic as means to create change in your community. Using your life experience, what led you to believing in the importance of these qualities?

I believe we attract the energy we put in the world. I believe if you are motivated, energetic and outgoing, you have a better chance of meeting people like that. The people we surround ourselves with matter and they contribute to what we do and the changes we make in our world. All this with hard work will lead to the changes we want to see in the world.

What led to the birth of Applicaid?

I am an agent for change, and recognizing the power of social media, I have built an online community through my Facebook page and YouTube channel I speak to young people about educational funded opportunities, convinced that the limits of one’s imagination are defined by what one is exposed to. My aim is to show youths the magnitude of their dreams and potential to change the world, even from daily activities and taking advantage of every opportunity. I value always getting out of my comfort zone, thus co-founded a project called ApplicAid, an online platform focused on creating a worldwide peer-to-peer scholarship mentoring system, with the aim to offer disadvantaged students skills development, network, career building, and access to educational opportunities, while helping create future generation of young leaders who contribute to social impact.

What do you envision for the future of Africa’s youth if we invest in the available opportunities globally?

I firmly believe the revolution for the change we want to see starts from us making those changes. Our lives as young adults should be dedicated to serving social purposes, we should create activities and engagement in youth associations and cultivate leadership skills through organizations and participating in gatherings, international seminars and workshops discussing various issues, as a form of collaboration to achieve the SDGs with special attention on Goal 4.  

I believe this will lead to creating opportunities to young Africans and by helping them grab every educational opportunity there are to fulfil their potential.